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No. of people (IMP)

You can bring up to 2 MORE friends to come wakeboarding with you at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE (3 participants in total for the 2-2.5 hour trip)! Why have fun alone when you can bring others with you.

For example:
Quantity 1 - 1 person + 2 friends (maximum 3 people)

Quantity 2 - 2 people + 4 friends (maximum 6 people)

Wakeboard along the scenic routes of Sai Kung and enjoy the sweet freedom. 



Enjoy wakeboarding for the whole day but please make sure to return the board and other equipment by 5pm. Beyond this, overtime charges of HKD 100/person would apply.


Operating Hours: Morning 10am-12pm, Afternoon 12pm - 6pm


StayK Tip:

Pack your valuable belongings in a plastic bag/ ziplock bag to avoid getting them wet.

Don't eat before wakeboarding, you might get seasick. 

Have fun, but don't push yourself too much! Attempt flips only if you're in the Avengers. (DC fans don't get to try flips)


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