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Personal Sea Taxi - Basalt Island

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An uninhabited scenic island, make sure to carry your own refreshments to enjoy a day out hiking and taking dips in the nearby waters. Although it is named Basalt Island, the rocks and columnar joints seen around the island are more granitic in composition, making them pale in colour. At the end of the beach, make sure to go up the hill, where you will see a memorial for a plane crash built in the 1940s. Since the place is filled with thick bushes and thorns, you might want to wear leggings and a good pair of sport shoes.


Accessible any time. There is a chartered speedboat from Sai Kung Pier every 30 minutes which will drop you off at the northeastern part of the island from where you can hike and continue your day into the island.


Address: Basalt Island, Clear Water Bay

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