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Party Room

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The venue boasts a list of options to keep you and your friends entertained! While you’re there, you can meet other party-room goers and make new friends while playing games. Or you can book with a group of 20 or more individuals to enjoy the whole space exclusively for yourselves. But first, why don’t you see what the space has to offer:

1. Karaoke with an 80-inch screen


2. Nintendo Switch 1,000 classic games


3. Snooker Table


4. Basketball Machine


5. Darts Corner


6. Texas Poker Table


7. Ping Pong Table


8. Mah Jong Table


9. Massage Chair(s)


10. Photo Printing Booth


11. Long Tables for Food and Drinks


12. Large Fluffy Toys for your instagram needs


13. DVD Machine (but let's be honest who uses DVD's anymore?)


14. Vintage Arcade with games like Street Fighter & more 

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