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Flyboard with Windsurfing Club

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Ladies and Gentlemen, brace yourselves for the biggest, baddest and sexiest new toy in town. Flyboarding is a unique experience which allows you to soar high into the air and dive deep below water through using highly powered machines at your feet, which act essentially as a jetpack. Committed to ensuring your safety and satisfaction, the team has a wealth of knowledge to ensure your experience is easy and convenient.


Now, you can whoosh into circles in the air and power yourself into a high paced roller coaster with spinning tricks and dodging bits. You can even club flyboarding with other water sport activities they offer and get quite literally a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong. All safety hazards are in place to ensure that you can comfortably enjoy your new toy and take strides up in the air and down in the water with abounding enthusiasm!!!

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