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SUP Tour
  • SUP Tour


    Paddle Board from a secluded beach and enjoy the undisturbed sceneries of Sai Kung.



    Enjoy paddle boarding for the whole day but please make sure to return the paddle board and other equipment by 5pm. Beyond this, overtime charges of HKD 100/person would apply.


    Deposits Required
    150 HKD per Paddle Board (Will be given back upon returning of the Paddle Board)

    Operating Hours
    Mon-Sun [9am to 5pm]

    Sha Ha Beach, Sai Kung


    Adventure Awaits

    Safety gear, safety briefing, safe seas, stand-up paddle boarding. Go for a relaxing ride along Sai Kung's famous routes or just snap the ideal instagram pic. Wind down on a weekend row after the weekly stress or have a row-off with your gang! Just have fun, be sure to stay safe, and don't forget your sunscreen! 


    The scope of activities is limited to Pak Sha Chau. If the scope of activities is exceeded, customers need to find a tugboat at their own expense.



    What is the exact address of the activity?

    The exact address will be provided to you alongside a breakdown of all other attractions nearby via email. 


    What do I have to do when I get there?

    Just sign in at the specified location on the email with the same name on your StayK profile and show the instructor the booking confirmation email!


    But… COVID-19? 

    Don't worry. At StayK we work with our vendors to ensure the safest environment possible for all of our users. The lifejackets and equipment are cleaned and ready to use. 


    Are there any safety precautions? 

    Absolutely. You will be given a life jacket and more equipment if needed. Don't worry, the instructor on site will brief you and guide you on the correct procedures. 


    How far can I go? 

    You can go as far as you want as long as you return the equipment by 5pm. But if you go further than Pak Sha Chau, you may need to find a tugboat at your own expense if you're unable to return. 


    What do I need to bring? 

    To ensure your best experience, please wear your swimsuit when taking part in the activity, and take off/ tighten any loose items of clothing that may come off while SUP-ing. Please also be sure to wear waterproof sunscreen to take care of yourself. But above all, bring a smiling face and a hunger to Treat Yourself.


    StayK Tip:

    Stay within the scope of activities of Pak Sha Chau to have stress-free fun.  

    Feel free to ride onto some of the outlying Islands and enjoy a little adventure!