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Party Room
  • Party Room

    A 2,800 sqft Battle Area, Snooker, Karaoke, Vintage Arcades and so much more await you. Relieve your stress with Laser Tag or a plain game of Ping-Pong. Meet new people or book the whole place for yourselves! Adventure awaits!


    (Minimum 1 hour, max is up to booking; please refer to the options)

    Operating Hours: Morning 10am-12pm, Afternoon 12pm - 6pm , Evening 6pm - 10pm

    How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon


    Adventure Awaits

    The venue boasts a list of options to keep you and your friends entertained! While you’re there, you can meet other party-room goers and make new friends while playing games. Or you can book with a group of 20 or more individuals to enjoy the whole space exclusively for yourselves. But first, why don’t you see what the space has to offer: 

    1. Karaoke with an 80-inch screen2. Nintendo Switch 1,000 classic games3. Snooker Table4. Basketball Machi