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DIY Aroma Candles
  • DIY Aroma Candles

    Relax with your very own aroma candle.


    2.5 Hours

    Operating Hours
    Morning 10am-12pm, Afternoon 12pm - 6pm

    Tsun Yip Lane, Kwun Tong, Kowloon


    Adventure Awaits

    Everyone loves candles, their scent, aesthetic, and the romantic atmosphere they create. Why not try making your own candle with your favorite scent! At this 2.5 hour workshop, your imagination is your limit. You will learn to create your own aroma candle and other forms of candle crafts. 


    It's important to have a regular cleaning of your mind and soul, especially in a fast-paced city with loads of work pressure, relax with your very own customized candle.


    It’s literally candle therapy.



    What is the exact address of the activity?

    The exact address will be provided to you alongside a breakdown of all other attractions nearby via email. 


    What do I have to do when I get there?

    Just sign in at the door with your name as registered with your StayK Profile, and you're in! 


    But… COVID-19? 

    Don't worry. At StayK we work with our vendors to ensure the safest environment possible for all of our users. The workshop space and tools are sanitized after every individual use. 


    Are there any safety precautions? 

    Plenty. Fireproof mats, hazard mitigation protocol, but of course safety starts with you. You will need to tie your hair up, or pin loose items of clothing to prevent accidents. Don't worry, the instructor on site will brief you and guide you on the correct procedures. 


    Can I bring the candle home? 

    Of course! Enjoy the aroma of your very own scented candle. They go best with the following:

    1. Romantic candlelit dinner

    2. Relaxing bath (keep it out of reach) 

    3. When trying to summon a demon from Niflheim