Wakeboarding in Hong Kong

Look beyond the skyscrapers, Hong Kong has a beautiful coastline perfect for WAKEBOARDING!


Wakeboarding is a water sport where you are riding over water on short and wide boards. It’s sort of like snowboarding... but only on water and with an extra plus of being dragged by a psycho dog (a.k.a the speedboat) across the ocean.



Despite living in Hong Kong for 12 years, this was my first time visiting Sai Kung - an area well-known for its beaches, views, and fresh seafood.

Prior to your wakeboarding session, try not to have a big meal you wouldn’t want an upset stomach. Let’s just say being flung around at full force by a speedboat with a filled stomach isn’t something you’d want to experience.

Thankfully with StayK, the registration process was a breeze. All we had to do was show the vendor our booking number and we were all set to go. Don't sweat it if this is your first time, the captain was friendly and gave clear instructions on how to wakeboard. . After driving off deep into the oceans waters off the coast of Sai Kung, he helped us gear up with the life jackets (safety first!) and strapped us to the boards. Once he explained the how-to’s and the tips and tricks, we were ready!

Was I nervous? Definitely. But being the champ I was, I sucked it up, geared up, and gave it all I got. Sitting in the water and waiting for the boat to start moving might've felt like an eternity, but eventually, I heard the engine revving up. ‘Okay, here’s my chance to show everyone what I can do’ was what I thought, but within the first 2 seconds, I face-planted onto the surface of the water. As you're probably wondering, yes, that was painful, for both my pride and my body. With the impact at that speed, I was stuck in such an awkward position. Thankfully I was able to get myself back up with the help of the captain and my friends on board.

(my 'salty' face from my friends laughing at me)

After a short break I gave it another go which gave me a much better experience than my first try. Although I wasn’t doing backflips or staying on for longer than 3 seconds, I was happy. As experts would say, practice makes perfect! The thrill and adrenaline from falling off created an even bigger urge to try again and get it right. Wakeboarding turned out to be a much more physically strenuous activity than I had imagined, yet I still had a euphoric time. Nobody wants to look back on their youth and regret not being spontaneous, after all, adventure is worthwhile in itself.

On the plus side, the price of $900 per hour for 3 people is very affordable and one of the best prices on the market!. Don’t forget that wakeboarding is known to be a pricey sport, and if you’re looking for something more affordable, making a package deal such as this is a steal! Still, hesitating? Think no more and get your own deal through booking at www.stayktreat.com.

It all starts with 3 simple steps at StayK:

1. Input your preferences to the filtration system.

2. StayK will output the best activities for you.

3. Then it’s all up to you.

The platform is simple and straightforward to use, with your best interests put in place first. With various budget-friendly activities available for you, your S/O, your friends, and your family.

Tippies and Trickies:

  • Towels

Try to not use them until you are done with the activity or bring extras if you can.

  • Swimwear

Light swimwear that won’t drag you down, would probably be best. But any waterproof clothing that clings to your body is okay too.

  • A separate bag

Preferably a plastic one. To keep your belongings dry.

  • Flip flops

It would be wise to just wear your slippers to the beach. I didn’t wear slippers and ended up struggling to carry everything, especially afterward when everything was wet.

Those are the few essentials that I would 100 percent suggest. Although they seem like common sense, unfortunately, common sense is not all that common. I mean, you can just ask me.

At Your Own Risk:

Check the weather for the days you want to book on. If you prefer sunny and clear skies, the extra step is worth it. Or else you will be freezing after getting out of the water.

ALSO… it would be safer if you didn’t eat too much, before getting in the water. As there is excessive pressure on you at all times, you will be flipped, thrown around, and will for sure swallow some seawater. This is a strenuous activity; it is better to be safe than sorry. Fishes don’t want to taste your breakfast!

Activity Details:

1 package deal (can bring an additional 2 people) = $1800

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Sai Kung Pier, Sai Kung, New Territories

Book with us at @stayktreat.com now.

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